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How do I create Email Accounts?

How do you change Email Password via Webmail?

How do I personalize my email via webmail?

How do I download my Mail Messages?


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What is a True Domain Name?

Are you an Internet Access Provider?

Do you handle the domain registration process?

How long does it take to set-up service?

Will you automatically bill my credit card monthly?

Do you provide tech support?

How do I upload my website files?

How do I upload my webfiles via FTP or Plesk Control Panel?

Do you support Frontpage Extensions?

Can I change from one hosting plan to another?

Can I use domain names from other countries (.cc .nu .to)?

What if I don't have or want my own domain name?

How long does it take to add/create a hosting account or a domain?

I am not very experienced in building a web site. Is it easy to learn with your services?

What steps do I need to take to get my domain transferred and my files uploaded to your servers?

If I register a domain through KEKhost, what is my total cost, and does the domain belong to me?

Will my domain work both with the 'www' and without it?

Can you change my MX record to support services such as

Do you provide SMTP service?

How many MySQL databases come with each hosting plan?

How much are sub-domains i.e.,

What if I exceed monthly transfer quotas, how much is additional transfer?

Can I resell my hosting plan?

How do I add Telnet access to my account?

How do I create Email Accounts?


Login to Plesk Admin Panel to create Email Accounts using your hosting login info:


•  Once in, click on CREATE EMAIL ACCOUNT


•  Go to Domains > domain name > Create Mail Account .


•  The domain name is shown to the right of @ sign, so you only need to specify the desired name for the mailbox.


This can be, for example, user's first name and last name separated by a dot, a department name, or any other text in Latin symbols. The name should be short enough to remember. It can comprise alphanumeric, dash dot and underscore symbols.


•  Specify a password that mailbox owner will use for accessing his or her mailbox.


•  Specify the settings related to the appearance of user's control panel, if desired: interface language, theme (skin), the limit on number of characters that can appear on custom buttons placed into the control panel by the mailbox owner.


•  Leave the Allow multiple sessions check box selected to allow the mailbox owner to have several simultaneous sessions in the control panel.


•  Leave the Prevent users from working with the control panel until interface screens are completely loaded check box selected.


This will forbid users from submitting data or performing operations until the control panel is ready to accept them.


•  Make sure that a check mark is present in the Mailbox check box. If required, limit the amount of disk space that this mailbox and it's autoresponder attachment files can use. To do this, under Mailbox quota select the Enter size option and type the desired value in kilobytes. Click OK .


•  To allow the mailbox owner to log in to control panel for managing his or her mail account, click Permissions , click the Select all shortcut and click OK .


•  Now, the mailbox is created. To access your Email Account login to your webmail link i.e.


How do you change email password via webmail?

Login to your email account via

1. Click on MY ACCOUNT on the left panel

2. Select PASSWORD

3. Insert your current password into the OLD PASSWORD FIELD

4. Input your new password into the NEW PASSWORD FIELD

5. Retype to confirm in the CONFIRM  NEW PASSWORD FIELD

6. Click on CHANGE PASSWORD to save password.

7. Log out of your mail once completed.


How do I personalize my email via webmail?

Step A: Launch your browser and type in your webmail address for example:, now login with your login name and password.


Step B: Click on MAIL link on the LEFT PANEL, click on the OPTIONS Menu (top middle of the screen or windows).


Step C: Click on PERSONAL INFORMATION under GENERAL OPTIONS. This is where you go to create personalized profile such as SALUTATION when ending your message.


Step D. “Under select the Identity you want to change”, click on the down arrow button and select CREATE A NEW ONE. Fill up the fields including the email address you are login under.


Step E: Where it says ALIAS ADDRESSES, type the other similar address under OFIL.COM.NG. What this does as previously stated, whenever a message is sent to for example, a copy will also be sent to this mailbox.


Step F: Scroll down to the YOUR SIGNATURE BOX, type in your greetings


Note that other boxes before it are optional.


Check the two boxes and then click on SAVE OPTIONS to save your entries. Once this is completed, Click on MAIL (left panel) to get back to your messages screen.


How do I download my mail?

Here is an example of how to configure your email from your workstation (PC) using Microsoft Windows Mail, Outlook, etc:

From your Email Program:


a. Click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts.

b.  Under Mail , click your e-mail account, and then click Properties .

c.  Click the Servers tab, enter your DOMAIN NAME in the Incoming (POP3) and Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Servers fields (box). For example: MYDOMAINNAME.COM

Enter your username and password under Incoming Mail Server section.

d. Under Outgoing Mail Server, select the “My server requires authentication” check box.

  If the account information that you use to send e-mail is not the same information that you use to receive messages, click Settings , click Log on using , and then enter the user name and password that you use to send e-mail.


e. (Linux Hosting Only) Click on the Advanced Tab, input 587 in the Outgoing Mail SMTP Port field. For the Incoming mail POP3, the default port setting is 110, leave that alone and do not modify. Click Apply or OK to confirm.


Note: Many Internet service providers (ISPs) require you to be directly connected to their network to use their outgoing e-mail servers. If you're using a mobile PC and connect to the Internet using a different ISP (such as when using a wireless connection in a hotel), you might be able to receive, but not send, e-mail. Some ISPs will allow you to send e-mail when connected to a different provider if you use authentication when sending. Follow the previous steps to use authentication when sending e-mail. If your ISP doesn't allow this, you'll need to find out the name of the outgoing mail server for the ISP you're currently using, and then change the settings in Windows Mail to use it.


What is a True Domain Name?

A True Domain name, or Virtual Domain is an Internet Address that will uniquely identify your website. You might have visited websites such as, or These are all examples of Virtual Domain names.


Having a Virtual Domain will allow you to have an e-mail address such as for example.


To see if your Virtual Domain is available, and is not used by anybody else, please, visit InterNIC's WHOIS database, and type in the domain name of your choice. If there will be no match, you are can register that domain name, else you have to choose another one.


Are you an Internet Access Provider?

No. We are specialized in selling webhosting and web design services only. This permits us to offer high quality webhosting at extremely low prices.


You will need to have a separate ISP that will provide you with access to the Internet.


Do you handle the domain registration process?

Yes, we can handle and register new domains for you at a discount. If you are transferring a domain from another registrar all we need is the domain name's Auth (Authorization) Code, contact them for the information. Visit our member Network at for information about the process.


How long does it take to set up service?

This is process is within 24 hours. You will receive your welcome and set-up information by email once payment confirmation is received. Remember, it can take longer for your domain name to point to your new account especially if your DName is not registered by us. However, as soon as you receive your Hosting Account Welcome Memo, you are ready to access your new account with assigned IP Address number provided by us.


Will you automatically bill my Credit Card Monthly?

KEKhost will bill and send a renewal notice 2 weeks prior for shared hosting and 1 month prior for Dedicated hosting.


Do you provide tech support?

Yes, we will provide our customers with technical support to any problems related to services or tools that are offered by us. We also include a help page which is unique to your account type to help you along with your account. If you require further assistance, simply contact our support group. Please realize that at our current pricing tech support can only answer questions regarding our services and features, and cannot assist you with building a web site, or creating and fixing scripts.


How do I upload my website files?

All hosting accounts come with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account which allows you to upload files to your account via an FTP Client. If you do not have an FTP Client, we offer links to download one for free in our help section. Almost all site design related programs such as Publisher, Adobe Pagemill, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Allaire HomeSite, CyberStudio, HotMetal Pro, Netscape Communicator and NetObjects Fusion use FTP to maintain your site


All Accounts come with FTP and a Web based way to upload files via your control panel.


How do I upload my website files via FTP or Plesk Control Panel?

Single File Upload from your Plesk Admin Control Panel.

1) Login to your Plesk Control Panel

2) click on your domain name:

3) Click on File Manager

This will take you to a page where you can access your httpdoc Folder.

4) To upload your file (although this only allows one or two files

at a time) click on the Httpdocs Folder.

5) Then click on Add File to upload your webfile(s).


Multiple Files Upload via FTP:

1) From your Browser Address (provided you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer) ftp://your assigned ip address ( i.e. )

2) Insert your FTP Login Id and Password.

A page with the following information along with the display of the

contents of your root directory will be displayed. "FTP root at

i.e. To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page

and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".

3) Click Page from your Browser's Menu and then OPEN FTP Site in Windows Explorer to view both your local pc and the remote server.

This will take you to your PC's Windows Explorer. Then drag or copy your web files to be published from your local pc and paste to the remote server displayed.

4) Close your Windows Explorer once files are copied.


Do you support Frontpage Extensions?

Yes, all of our plans support FrontPage Server Extensions:  2008, 2010, 2012 & 2016, etc.


Can I change from one hosting plan to another?

Yes. Changing plans is easy, just let us know and we will set it up for you.


Can I use domain names from other countries (.us, .uk, .cc, .nu, .to)?

Yes, you may use international domains provided there are no restrictions about their usage. The Welcome E-mail that will be forwarded will have information about name servers and other related materials.


What if I don't have or want my own domain name?

You can sign using a third-level domain (sub-domain).(i.e.

Simply decide what third level domain you would like to use. Then when signing up, type in the entire domain (i.e. You will still get all the features including your own IP number and control panel. All email will work with, etc.


How long does it take to create hosting account or a domain?

We will process your order as soon as the payment has been confirmed. Once this is approved (usually within minutes) then the account is sent to our order system. The Welcome E-mail for the new hosting/domain should arrive between 30 minutes to 24 hours.


I am not very experienced in building a web site. Is it easy to learn with your services?

We have a great web site creation tool included with most plans. It allows you to build a basic web site in our control panel. Many stores offer software which allows you to build web sites as well. Visit our WS Templates/Free Sitebuilders Page for additional information. Alternatively visit our Parent Company at, they have several design packages for every budget.


What steps do I need to take to get my domain transferred and my files uploaded to your servers?

Step 1: Sign up with us by going to our signon page at


Step 2: Get your Authorization (Auto) Code from your current domain name registrar and then send it to us for processing.


Step 3: Once received, our Domain Name Registration Service Team will now process it through our Auto DNS Robot. A message will be sent to the email on record for your domain name on Whois database for validation. The system will also send a message to your registrar regarding the transfer.


Step 4: Once it has been validated by you, your registrar will then release the domain name to us to be transferred.


Note: Domain name transfer process takes between 4 to 7 days.


Step 5: Payment will be needed to proceed on the creation of your domain name on our web server. Once payment has been received and confirmed by our office, our hosting team will commence processing of your login information to access our hosting server.


Step 6: Within hours you will receive an email from us with your login information coupled with the instructions.


Step 7: Uplooad your web files for publishing to our server using the assigned IP Address and test your site on our server with your IP number. You use the IP Address just like a domain name. For example, if we give you an IP number of, you can put that number in a browser as to see what your pages will look like on our server. You can also use the IP address to upload your files with FTP, or log into your control panel using the address included in your welcome e-mail to access our web based file manager.


If I register a domain through KEKHOST, what is my total cost, and does the domain belong to me?

First, we charge $9.50 (reduced with hosting packages) per year to register a .com/.net or .org domain for you. You can register a domain for as little as 1 year. If you would like to check the availability of a domain, click here and type in the name, if it shows up without a match, it is available! The charge for a domain varies by registrar, Network Solutions charges $35 per year, and ours is from $9.50  per year. There is no additional charge to get a domain name (except normal monthly hosting fees of course). Remember once we have successfully registered and secured the name, there is no refund should you change your mind.


If we register a domain name for you, it is indeed yours and you can take it to another hosting provider if you wish.


Will my domain work both with the 'www' and without it?

Yes, you can access your site using both, and


Can you change my MX record to support services such as, IAND1, GoDaddy, etc?

Yes we do support this change. Simply send a support request and we will make the changes at no charge.


Do you provide SMTP service?

This comes with every domain name on our servers. If you need help, see our support section or email support.


How many MySQL databases come with each hosting plan?

You get unlimited MySQL database per domain account (IP number) and it is managed from your control panel.


How much are sub-domains (third level) i.e.,

Third level domains are part of the regular domain accounts on our system. There is no additional charge for this. The only restriction, is the second-level domain (i.e. must already be pointed to our servers for the third level domain (i.e. to work.


What if I exceed monthly transfer limits/How much is additional bandwidth (transfer)?

Our policy is to contact you and ask if you would like to upgrade to the next higher package. If we cannot reach you, or you do not want to upgrade, then we charge $0.45 per 1GB/Month.


Can I resell My Account?

Yes, under the Dedicated server and Reseller plans only. We do not allow reselling under the regular hosting packages.


How do I add TELNET access to my Account? How to add SSH...

First, we support both Telnet/SSH. This is a much more secure method. Send a request to our support team by visiting our Contact Us page. Make sure to include the domain name and username of the client.







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