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Every account comes with our in-depth Knowledge Base Users Guide that takes you step-by-step through every aspect of your account.


Part of making web hosting simple is offering the best support for our customers. We have a great help section dedicated to your account type. Also check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) the answer you need may be there as well.


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If you haven't managed to resolve your issue via these resources, feel free to reach out. We're standing by to help, 24/7.

File Manager

Upload your files and web pages VIA the web without an FTP Client. Click on the File Manager button and everything else is cut & paste.


FrontPage / PHP WebAdmin

This button allows you to activate/remove Microsoft FrontPage Extensions on your web site. This is needed when using FrontPage


Change Password

This changes the password for your control panel. Changes will also affect the FTP password as well, but not the FrontPage password.


Mail Manager

Here you can add, delete or modify POP Mail accounts and manage Mail Lists.


Web Analyzer / Statistics

This great program lets you view who visited your site, when, bandwidth used, even where they came from.


Mailing Lists

This allows you to set up a e-mail distribution list. For example, if you want to send a newsletter, you send it through your mail list and it will get to all of the lists subscribers.


Protect Directories

If you want to set up directories which require a username and passcode to access, our web based feature makes it easy. You simply choose the directory to protect, and can add/modify or delete users with the push of a button. (FrontPage users, this feature is built in to your software, do not use the control panel to protect directories)


Redirect URL (Forwarding)

This allows you to point a page on your site to another URL. For example, you can point www.yourdomain.coml to



This button explains how to set up FormMail (form to e-mail).  This feature allows Forms sent from a site to be received via email.



This allows you to create and manage databases and database users.



SSH is a secure way to TELNET in to our servers. There are some instructions in the control panel to set up SSH.


Secure Server

Helps you Generate and Install a Secure Server Certificate from Equifax Thawte or Verisign. This allows you to have Secure Server pages and Forms on your web site.


Anonymous FTP

Installs anonymous FTP on your account. This allows you to have someone upload files to your account without giving them full FTP and Control panel access.


MySQL Database

Create and manage a MySQL Database


Shopping Cart

Will install, remove or manage the ALACart shopping cart software on your web site.


Virtual NameServer (by request)

Set up your own personal Nameservers. Then allows you to manage the DNS for domains using your personal Nameservers.


Add Domain

Add domains, sub-domains and parked domains to your account.




Customer Service and Help Center

We maintain a vast knowledge base full with articles, guides, how-tos, instructions, and answers to our client's most frequently asked questions. If you have a question, odds are the answer is here.

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