Private Cloud Hosting

Cloud scalability on private infrastructure.

Take control, with responsive business IT.

Take business IT to the next level with private cloud hosting: a software defined data center on a managed infrastructure that lets you quickly deploy virtual servers and services, without increasing costs.


A dedicated private cloud solution lets you use virtualization to build a software defined data center hosted at KEKHost, but managed by your IT teams. There's none of the expense or complexity of deploying your own data centers and network infrastructure. Just the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated infrastructure that's fully-managed and delivered on the world's most reliable network.

Discover truly responsive IT

A dedicated private cloud gives you a software defined virtual data center that's integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Your own IT team can provision, configure and remove virtual servers as and when they are needed, giving you endless flexibility and saving you precious time. It all adds up to complete flexibility and control - the modern solution for the responsive business.

Reduce and control costs

Your virtual data center can be sized perfectly to what you need, now and as you grow. It's efficient, with several servers each running specific services, and scaling when they need to. And there's no need for capital expenditure on server hardware, dark fiber and networking. Combined with fast unmetered bandwidth, you can deliver services to your customers with low, fixed IT costs.

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Improve security and reliability

Your virtual private cloud is hosted on a share-nothing server architecture in our Canadian data centers. Your services are dedicated to you, your data is secure, and your private cloud is connected to the best network routes in North America via low latency, redundant fiber optic transport links. It's how  KEKHost's private cloud services offer world class data security, reliability and availability.

Personalized service

Hosting with KEKHost is not only about technology. We're committed to helping your organization achieve its goals and ambitions by treating you as an individual, with custom solutions, specialist expertise and a range of services tailored to your requirements. We have 14 years' IaaS experience and expertise, but what really makes us different is that we're flexible, and we can't wait to help.

Deploy a Dedicated Private Cloud

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All hardware options have been engineered to provide the performance and capacity needed to run a dedicated private cloud environment. Chat with one of our private cloud experts to deploy the dedicated server in one of our American/Canadian data centers, on our managed infrastructure, with 24/7 support.



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